About the company

The Almi Group is an intimate family boutique company, specializing in top quality planning and construction of selected projects and premium residence in desirable locations in Tel Aviv. In the Almi Group we insist on working only with the leading professionals of all fields, from engineers and project managers to architects and consultants and down to the last employee.

Since it was established in 1981, the Almi Group has accumulated vast experience executing projects that include precision and meticulous work. This experience, together with our unique work method which ensures close monitoring of the execution quality, enable the implementation of a variety of projects in the highest standards in the market, as an entrepreneurial company, as well as an executing company.

Paying attention to every single detail is reflected from the selection stage of the leading planners in the top-quality construction market, and continues in a planning program which puts an emphasis on illuminated spaces, design flexibility and integration of advanced materials of the highest quality.

As an executing company we are able to guarantee excellent quality without being dependent on external contractors, while cooperating with the best professionals in their fields under the supervision of a close project manager, who invests all of his time in one construction site in order to ensure the perfection of the execution processes.



As a family boutique company, the Almi Group is characterized by an ability to manage any project in its entirety with maximal flexibility, while providing personal service, consultation and close accompaniment to each and every client – even a long time after delivering the apartments. Our many clients can attest to this. They have already become a part of our family, and have accompanied us loyally throughout the years from project to project. Our employees are the most skilled professionals at their fields and they are led by a young, dynamic team abundant with experience in the construction field, specializing in top quality construction.

Our Team

Ariel Almi


Mr. Ariel Almi has been the Almi Group’s co-CEO since 1993.

Ariel is in charge of the company’s business development, licensing, planning and planning-coordination as well as execution.

Tziki Almi


Tziki Almi has been the Almi Group’s co-CEO since 1997.

Over the years Tziki has been managing the company operations while improving and upgrading budgetary control management, quality control and legal conduct.

Shelli Aharon

CFO and deputy CEO

Ms. Shelli Aharon has been the Almi Group’s CFO since 2006. Shelli has vast experience managing budgets and complex projects of different kinds. 


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