Our employees are the most skilled professionals at their fields, from engineers and project managers to architects and consultants and down to the last employee. led by a young, dynamic team abundant with experience in the construction field, specializing in top quality construction.


Ariel Almi


Mr. Ariel Almi has been the Almi Group’s co-CEO since 1993. Ariel is in charge of the company’s business development, licensing, planning and planning-coordination as well as execution.

Tziki Almi


Tziki Almi has been the Almi Group’s co-CEO since 1997.Over the years Tziki has been managing the company operations while improving and upgrading budgetary control management, quality control and legal conduct.

Shelli Aharon

CFO and deputy CEO

Ms. Shelli Aharon has been the Almi Group’s CFO since 2006. Shelli has vast experience managing budgets and complex projects of different kinds.


Shelli’s professional resume includes managing the Israeli activity of the Italian infrastructure and tunnel digging giant CEC, including managing the digging of the Tzahal square tunnel in Jerusalem.

As part of her roles at the Almi Group, Shelli is responsible for the finance department and conducting the different tenders, including planning, executing and supervising the successful completion of the project. She is also responsible for conducting contracts, budgetary control, cash flow management, working together with the authorities involved with financial assistance of the execution and all the aspects related to the company’s ongoing management.

Yoram Weizman

VP Execution

Mr. Yoram Weizman has been working at the Almi Group since 2017. He started as a project manager and became the company’s VP, Execution. operation of the execution division is under his close supervision.

Over the years Yoram has acquired vast experience and has been exposed to the development and innovation in construction methods and execution quality, so his advantages fit well together with the company’s goals and vision. The management and operation of the execution division is under his close supervision.


Eng. Efi Tfilin

Project Manager

Efi is in charge of the perfect execution of the company’s projects in the highest quality and in accordance with the company’s procedures and specifications, which are of the top quality in the Israeli construction market. In addition, Efi is responsible for the quality control system in each project, while adhering to strict and accurate timetables.

Or Elyakim

Company Engineer

As part of his job, Or is responsible for drawing up the tenders, managing the different construction stages on the ground, detailed planning and characterization of various elements of the building in order to maintain the high quality.

Edna Rimon

Planning Coordinator

Edna has extensive experience in planning coordination, she arrived to the company after serving as a planning coordinator for luxurious villas. She joined the company’s planning team with a vision that meeting deadlines and achieving top construction quality requires planning coordination with all parties involved, as well as ongoing monitoring of the licensing process and providing a planning outline for each project.

Or Abeless Haim

Company Architect

Or has extensive experience in the field of coordination and planning modifications for the customers. She is responsible for tenants’ modifications requests, meeting with buyers to discuss planning and interior design of the apartments, and assisting with decision making regarding finishing materials.

Galit Toubul

Company Architect

Galit has extensive experience in the field of tenants’ modification requests. She joined the company with the goal to improve customer service and optimize the quality of the final product. 

Michal Hanover

Quality Control, Safety and Timetables

Michal is responsible for the various aspects of control, from controlling the quality of the works done and project schedules to controlling compliance with all safety guidelines. Michal has extensive experience in managing and streamlining processes.

Diana Keshales

Business Development

Diana is responsible for identifying business opportunities, developing new contacts with potential partners and managing the negotiation processes required to carry out the projects. She carries all of this out while working with various stakeholders who are significant and relevant for the promotion of the company. Her role constitutes a significant growth engine for the company.

Roland Sidgiyev

Construction Foreman

Roland has extensive experience in managing complex construction sites, including stage and final works.

As a responsible for a construction site, he accompanies the works through all stages of construction, from the excavation stage to the delivery of the apartments.

Ruth Abekassis

Construction Forewoman

Ruth has extensive experience in managing construction sites and execution on the best side including construction quality, adhering to timetables and employee safety.

At any given time, Ruth manages one of the company’s construction sites, providing close and daily supervision.

Marketing and Sales

Kesy Ray

Sales Manager

Kesy is responsible for the company’s sales and customer relations areas.

She has rich experience in marketing, sales and research of real estate trends in Tel Aviv. She specializes in smart purchasing consultation through uncompromising specification of our clients’ requirements.

Vered Elmaliah Srur

Sales Manager

Vered is responsible for the company’s sales. She hast extensive experience as a real estate marketing and sales expert all over Israel. 

Iris Almi

Marketing Supervisor

After accumulating many years of experience in the real estate field all over Israel, Iris joined our marketing team as part of our perception that is based on centralizing all real estate deals under one wing. This perception leads to tight concentration and supervision of the service provided to the clients, according to the company values.


Sol Talias

Administrative Manager

Sol is in charge of the management’s timetables, coordinating meetings, as well as receiving and distributing performance reports from construction sites. She provides assistance to the company’s CEO and handles company correspondence with different institutions.

Adv. Noam Cohen


Adv. Noam Cohen oversees the company’s ongoing activity in his areas of expertise, commercial and real estate including contact agreements, combination deals and real estate tax consultations. She  also provides close legal supervision of all projects e.g., purchasing the land, sales agreements and delivering the apartments to buyers at the end of the construction process. 

Anna Dalda


As the CFO’s right-hand person, Anna is in charge of the payments for contractors and suppliers and of the payment control system for every project. Anna joined the financial team as part of the company’s expansion with the purpose of organizing the administrative and financial management according to structured work procedures. 

Shirley Amir Daniel

Procurement and Contracts Manager

Shirley joined the company with extensive experience in procurement and logistics after working for an international trading company for years.

As part of her role, Shirley is responsible for tenders, pricing, and negotiating with suppliers. Joining the finance department is part of the process of expanding and growing of the company and comes with the aim of streamlining the management of project budgets according to structured work procedures.

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